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Technical questions in museum and gallery business

1) Consultant services for museums and galleries
a) exhibition show cases – requirements, properties, design, price
b) exhibition wall systems – requirements, design, arrangement, variability of application, materials, price
c) illumination of show cases and interiors, selection of supplier, requirements, tips, price
d) air conditioning systems – submission, characteristics, selection of supplier, applications in show cases and exhibition halls
e) afety appliance – proposal, characteristics, selection of supplier, price
f) comparison and examination price offers from different suppliers from technical point of view
g) examination of possible practical realization of architectonical solution of exhibitions and expositions, estimation of the price
h) suspended systems for museums and galleries – characteristics, variability, application in interiors, price
i) security of exhibits – examples from practice, measurement of characteristics, contacts for experts
j) store in systems – proposal, application, characteristics, price

2) Proposal and delivery of
a) special show cases
b) suspended systems
c) store in systems
d) safety appliance of II. class
e) wall systems

3) Service of
a) show cases
b) exhibition fundus
c) exhibitions – partial and whole
d) price estimation of exposition realization